Each YYM student has an individually tailored programme of study including:

  • Expert tuition with leading professionals
  • One to one lessons, classes and ensembles
  • Options include performing, composing, theory, improvisation, production, Dalcroze, musicianship and much more

As a Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) in Music, we are  supported by the Department for Education’s Music & Dance Scheme, providing FREE and grant-assisted places for students (means-tested).

YYM is overseen by a unique partnership comprising Opera North, Leeds Conservatoire, Music Mark and Music Hubs in the Yorkshire and Humber region.


YYM kick-started my musical career, I would highly recommend YYM to any young person who wishes for a great musical education

Guitar student Alumnus

As a diagnosed dyslexic my daughter has been given accessible but also systematic, creative and content rich music teaching at YYM. It has given her an amazing foundation to go to Music College with. We will be forever grateful to YYM for helping our daughter reach her musical potential but in a way that totally protected her mental health and treated her as a whole person.

Leeds parent

YYM has made me into a lifelong musician. Performing increased my confidence and taught me how to communicate, which are invaluable skills.

Engineering student YYM alumnus

As the mother of a young musician with Autistic Spectrum Disorder; Auditory Processing Difficulties and extremely challenging and oppositional behaviour during his primary school years, YYM helped me believe he was indeed still capable of achieving the kinds of successes he has. I’ve spent a life-time trying to explain to him that nobody gets anywhere in life without a huge amount of support from a team of people behind them. As that African saying goes:  “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Thank you for being part of his village.

Parent of student, currently studying for a BA (Hons) Music Performance & Production

Without YYM, I never would have achieved my dream of studying music at one of the best Universities in the world

Holly – studying Music at York University

He has greatly enjoyed his time with you all and it’s been such a delight to watch him flourish at YYM. We are all very grateful for you and all teachers who directed him through the world of music.

Hull parent

YYM was an amazing place to study; it was hugely helpful in building my confidence both within my musical studies and my own self. There are not many words left to describe what YYM has done for me, all that can be said is thank you!

Eden – violinist, Hull alumnus

YYM gave me the high-quality training needed to achieve my ambition of conducting at the Royal Opera House.

James Hendry – Kappelmeister Hannover, YYM Hull alumnus

Please also allow me to express my endless gratitude for all the knowledge, support and encouraging you and all teachers gave to my daughter through the years.

Parent of YYM student